BLS Course Digital Video

Format : Video    |    Product Code : 20-1414    |    ISBN 13 : 978-1-61669-790-7

cover image of BLS Course Digital Video


The Basic Life Support (BLS) Course Digital Video allow Instructors to stream from a browser with an internet connection, or download video for offline viewing with the AHA eBooks Desktop App (Windows or Mac) or Mobile App (iOS or Android). This product is to be used by BLS Instructors to teach the BLS Provider Course, BLS Renewal Course, and to conduct skills practice and testing sessions for HeartCode® BLS. BLS Instructors can choose one of two tracks, in-facility or prehospital, based on their specific student audience. Instructors can select the version of the course they are teaching from a drop-down menu. The BLS Course Video is intended for use by a single BLS Instructor conducting BLS courses.  

Note: All International instructors in the discipline are required to have their own BLS Course Video and will use this video to teach the International English (IVE) BLS Provider Course, IVE BLS renewal Course and to conduct skills practice and testing sessions for IVE HeartCode BLS.